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English Conversations-- About Family

English Conversations-- About Family

Vikram, a young boy about ten years old, is standing near the gate of his
house at B- 12, Mahesh Nagar. Another boy Ranjit comes along on his bicycle
and smiles at Vikram.

Vikram: Hello. I am Vikram.
Ranjit: I am Ranjit Mehra. How do you do?

Vikram: I am well, thank you.
Ranjit: Are you new here?

Happy family

Vikram: Yes, our family moved in here only a few days ago, where do you live?
Ranjit: I live with my family in the next block, down the road.

Vikram: Ranjit, would you like to come in and meet my family members ?
Ranjit: Thank you. I would like to meet your family

Family house

Family House of Ranjit Mehra
Family House of Vikram
Family House of Vikram
The two boys go inside the family house. Mr Vijay Verma is watching the family video
Vikram: Papa, this is my friend, Ranjit Mehra.
Ranjit, this is my father, Mr. Vijay Verma.
Ranjit: Good morning, Sir.
Mr. Verma: Good morning to you too. We are glad to have you at our family house.
Vikram: Meet my mother, my sister Reena didi and my elder brother Ranjan
bhaiya. (all are watching the family video)
Ranjit: Pleased to meet your happy family Vikram.
Vikram: Come along Ranjit, I’ll take you to my room.
Ranjit: You have a nice big room.
Vikram: I am glad you have liked it. I share this room with my elder
brother Ranjan.
Ranjit: Which is your bed?
Vikram: This one. I make my bed every morning. This is a spare cupboard where
we store the extra bedsheets, pillow covers ,blankets and quilts etc. for the family needs.

My bed

Ranjit: That must be your brother’s wardrobe.
Vikram: Yes. I have to be very careful about keeping my room tidy. I study at the
desk Near the window
Spare cup board

Ranjit: I, too, share my room but with my grandfather in the family.
Vikram: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Ranjit: I do not have any brother or sister.
But my grandparents live with us .
Vikram: How many rooms do you have in your house?

Ranjit: Well, we have drawing-cum-dining-room, two
Two bathrooms, a small sized study room, a kitchen and a garden.
Vikram: That sounds like a big house. Do you have a garden as well?

Ranjit: Yes. My mother grows beautiful flowers around the edge of the lawn.

Small window Garden

Vikram: Ranjit, it is time for breakfast. Will you eat with My family ?

Ranjit: No. thank you. I must be going now. My mother will be wondering as to
what has become of me.
Vikram: All right. May I come to your house in the afternoon to play in your
Ranjit: Yes, please do come. My parents will be very happy to meet you.You can watch the family TV show
Vikram: Thank you for visiting us,It was family fun
Ranjit. You must come again,
Ranjit: Good-bye Vikram. I’ll be waiting for you in the afternoon.

Good knowledge and satisfactory conversation drill is important in English speaking. These tutorials would not only prove an asset to the reader speak English fluently in his daily life, but also on special occasions like interviews for jobs, etc. He would be able to face the interviewers with equanimity and confidence.

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