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English Conversations / Joining Libarary

tutorials English Conversations- Joining Libarary have been prepared from my well known book English conversation for all occasions, which I wrote for Indian students to practice English.

Joining Public Libarary

Renna takes Hansa to the Worldwide Libarary Service to be enrolled 
as a member of the Library.
Renna takes Hansa to the Worldwide Libarary Service to be enrolled as a member of the Library.

Hansa I say Reena, why is it necessary for me to be member of Books libarary? Any way, why does the public Libarary insist on Libarary membership?
Reena It is like this. Most commercial companies insist that their employees in the management level should become members of leading clubs  and libararys so that they get to meet a wide circle of people. In the same way, Rama’s store recommends that the management level personnel under training should become members of the Worldwide Libarary which is a public Libarary close to the office.
Hansa What kind of libarary books does the office expect me to read libarary books available at this public libarary

Management level - Executives Trainees

Reena The idea is that besides your practical training in the various departments of the store, you should do some private reading of libarary books and libarary magazines and do in depth study about the subjects that you are dealing with.
They both enter the books libarary and go up to the desk of the chief Librarian.
Reena Good morning, Mr. Kapur. This is Hansa Mehta from our store. She wants to become a member of your books libarary.
Librarian Good morning Miss Verma. Miss Mehta, please fill in this Libarary membership application form.
Hansa I’ll do that. Reena could you please fill it where I have to be introduced by another member?
Reena Sure. Here you are.

Hansa What should I fill in special interest column.
Reena I would say, write Business and Management. But they have trilogy books ,narnia books and the books like to kill a mocking bird .
Hansa (to the Librarian) Here you are, Mr. Kapur, the card is duly filled in.
Labrarian, Thank you I’ll have your prepared.your libarary card . It will take a few minutes to enter. Would you like to look around the School library in the meanwhile? Perhaps, you can choose the High school books you would like to take out.Do they have tom clancy books  or sci fi books
Reena All the bookcase shelves are marked and arranged subject-wise. This public libarary has a particularly good section on Business and Management
Hansa What kind of first edition books should I draw?
Reena Take something on marketing or Business and Management and may be international banking and international trade

Libarary Card

Hansa They seem to have the latest literature fiction as well.
Reena Oh yes. This is a very big books librarybooks on every subject. Their reference section is really very good. and they have
They select three books and return to the Librarian’s Desk.
Librarian Ah! I see you’ve selected the books you’d like to borrow. Your Reader’s Tickets are ready. You can keep the books for two weeks. Can I have the books please? They have to be a stamped. Thank you.
Hansa Do you use the public libarary a great deal?
Reena At first I did do a lot of background reading. Even now I use the reference section quite often. I borrow a number of the best seller books too.
Hansa I’m sure it is very good idea to have become a member of the books libarary. Thank you for bringing me and introducing me

bookcase shelves

Good knowledge and satisfactory conversation drill is important in English speaking. These tutorials would not only prove an asset to the reader speak English fluently in his daily life, but also on special occasions like interviews for jobs, etc. He would be able to face the interviewers with equanimity and confidence.

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