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English conversations for all occasions

Everyday English

Improve English through everyday  English conversations.

I have written a detailed book English conversation for all occasions, to learn English as Foreign Language. These tutorials on English Conversations have been prepared from my well known book English conversation for all occasions, which I wrote for Indian students to practice English.
English Conversation for All Occasions is a unique spoken English book of its kind, specially written to help Indian students. A quick look at the titles of the lessons would convince the reader that the book has been prepared by visualizing all types of situational conversations, which he may confront in his daily activities. Whether one converses with his family members or moves about to mix in society, he will not feel tongue-tied for want of appropriate words or expressions. In a post office or barber’s shop, at a hotel or taxi stand, every person who has read this book, will be able to speak English fluently and with confidence.

Good knowledge and satisfactory conversation drill is important in English speaking. These tutorials would not only prove an asset to the reader speak English fluently in his daily life, but also on special occasions like interviews for jobs, etc. He would be able to face the interviewers with equanimity and confidence.

All the lessons have been designed in a programmed fashion. Word-meanings, Phrases and exercises have been added at the end of every lesson to help the students master the topics.

All the lessons should be read along, not once but many times, so that the conversation comes easy to the reader when he faces spoken English situations. The author would feel rewarded for his labors, if the book helps men and women to face social relations with confidence.

This Tutorial should help all those readers who find difficulty in speaking fluent English as well as pronunciation. This blog will be completed in 45 tutorials.

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24     English Conversation / Postal Supplies

25   English Conversations- Passenger Elevator Lift

Friday, July 9, 2010

English conversations --Laundry Clothes

This tutorial English conversations -- Laundry clothes has been prepared from my well known book English conversations for all occasions, which I wrote for Indian students to improve everyday conversations

English conversations -- Laundry clothes
Mrs. Ganapati , the neighbor of Mrs. Verma has come visiting. Mrs.Verma is busy doing
Laundry clothes and enlists Mrs. Ganapati’s help.

Laundry clothes

Mrs.Ganapati (Knocks at the door.) Anyone in?
Mrs. Verma (opening the door) Good morning Mrs.Ganapati, How nice to see you!
Mrs. Ganapati Hello, I thought I’d drop in and lend you a hand with settling down.
Mrs. Verma That is very kind of you. Do step inside.

Mrs.Ganapati What were you doing when I came in? Please do not let me interrupt your work.
Mrs.Verma I’ve finished cleaning the whole house. I had just gone in to finish with the Laundry clothes.
Mrs. Ganapati Let me help you with the Laundry clothes and then we can have a look around your house.
Mrs.Verma I usually do all my Laundry on Mondays.

Liquid detergent / Detergent soap

Mrs. Ganapati   What Liquid detergent do you use for you top loading washing machine?
Mrs. Verma  I prefer to buy a locally made detergent soap. In my experience it is as effective as any of the expensive brands and much cheaper too.
Mrs.Ganapati  Do you also starch and iron fabrics yourself?
Mrs.Verma   I give the bigger clothes like bed sheets and towels to the dhobi(Washer man). Shirts, under clothes and saris, I wash, starch and steam press at home.
Mrs.Ganapati   Here let me help you wring out the clothes which you rinse out. Then I will also hang them up to dry on the line outside.
Mrs. Verma   Thanks a million. I apologize for putting you to clothes washing work instead of entertaining you

top loading washing machine

Mrs.Ganapati No need to apologize. We all have to do our own work.
Mrs.Verma How do you wash your woolens and black nylons?

Mrs. Ganapati I wash the woolens very rarely. The black nylons are very easy to wash and I prefer having synthetic drip dry clothes. They wear well and last for longer period. They are very easy to keep and look fresh.
Mrs.Verma I am saving up from my housekeeping in order to buy a top loading washing machine
Mrs.Ganapati My neighbor in Bangalore has one top loading washing machine, she tells me that the electricity nearly always goes off, just when she wants to wash her clothes.

Mrs.Verma With so much of the laundry having to be done at home, it would be more convenient to have a separate laundry room with a large tub and a big sink.. The top loading washing machine can also be installed here.

Mrs. Ganapati Yes, that would be very much easier. One could string out the clothes for drying also in the laundry room. It would be a great boon during the rainy season.
Mrs.Verma Well, the washing for this week is done at last. Let us sit down and have a cup of coffee.

Monday, July 5, 2010

English Conversations- Passenger Elevator Lift

This tutorial English Conversations - Passenger Elevator Lift has been prepared from my well known book English conversations for all occasions, which I wrote for Indian students to improve everyday conversations..
English Conversations- Passenger Elevator Lift

Passenger Elevator Lift

Passenger Elevator Lift

Passenger Elevator Lift going to office apartment

 Elevator Lifts are of four types

 Passenger Lift, Goods Lift, Hospital Lift, Service Lift

Ranjan works at the office apartment on the eighth floor Each morning he has to go up in the Passenger Elevator Lift to reach the office on the eighth floor. Ranjan is standing in the queue outside the lift with a colleague of his, Prema.

Ranjan pressing the Passenger Elevator Lift button to go to his office apartment

elevator button
elevator button

waiting to enter the passenger elevator lift

Ranjan: Good morning Prema. You are looking well this morning.

Prema: Good morning to you too. You too are looking smart, (Ranjan is in conversations with other passengers waiting to enter the passenger elevator lift

. Thank Goodness there isn’t such a long line for the passenger lift this morning.. But the building administration should plan to install Stairs lifts.

Ranjan: Here comes the our passenger Lift. It takes only eight lift passengers. I think we can all get in. Come on, get in ahead of me.

Prema: No, no, Ranjan. You were in the line. before me, you get in first.

Ranjan: That doesn’t matter, ladies first always.

They both get into the passenger lift to go to their office apartment

passengers waiting to enter the waiting to enter the passenger elevator lift

Chair lift stairs for senior citizens

Prema in conversations with Ranjan That was very chivalrous of you. It is nice to come across a young man who has polite manners and etiquette. These days, men treat women with even more discourtesy because they say, that if you women are to have equal rights, you must share the discomforts equally too.

Ranjan I guess one could argue this subject in many ways. But personally I am of the opinion that man must have manners and etiquette to show courtesy to a lady.

Prema How about the ladies who work in a subordinate position to a man.

Ranjan This is a situation which occurs all the time. And I do notice that the men are not quite sure as to how to deal with their women employees.

Prema I think that a girl or woman who is working under a man in a subordinate position must give him the respect due to his position.

Ranjan You are quite right. Of course discipline must be maintained. But if the boss shows some courtesy which is only good manners, it doesn’t take anything away from his authority.

Prema What exactly do you mean?

Ranjan For instance, let us take the situation in which a man and a woman working in the same office apartment have to travel together to some place. The man is senior to the lady. Who do you think ought to enter the lift first?

Prema: We should allow the Senior citizens to enter waiting to enter the passenger elevator lift first. Some Senior citizens can not use stairs at office or home. My father can not use stairs at our residence.There are no residential elevators in our building,

Ranjan: You should install a chair lift stairs at your residence for your father. Acorn stairlifts are perfect for multi-leveled houses with household members who have difficulty climbing stairs. When not in use, the chair lift stairs chair easily folds up and out of the way. Each of these chair lift stairs are designed with homeowner of installation in mind, and a standard installation usually takes the average homeowner about 2-3 hours.

Getting out of the passenger lift

Prema:  How many other lifts are there in this building apart from this passenger elevator lift?

Ranjan : There are two freight lifts and two service lifts apart from eight passenger elevator lifts

Prema: Well, normally, if there was no office relationship, the lady should enter first. But in this case, the matter would be decided by whoever is standing in the line ahead gets in first in the passenger elevator lift

Ranjan Not really. After all the two people working in the same office building do know each other. I see no harm in the gentleman letting the lady stand in front of him. In the same way, even though he is senior, he should open the door of the taxi or car for the lady to get into the vehicle. Even though people work at various grades in an office yet accepted office codes of courtesy ought not to be forgotten.

Prema Well, now I know whom to ask for a car lift.

Ranjan You’re always welcome.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

English Conversation / Postal Supplies

English Conversations -
Postal Supplies
Vikram : goes to the post office to buy Postage Supplies and to register professional letters.
Vikram ;(At the  stamps office). I want to buy
 Postage letter forms and 10 Post stamps of Rupees 5 each, please.
Clerk : Counting off twenty Postal letter forms and 10 Post stamps . Here you are.
Vikram :How much 20 Postal letter forms and 10 Post stamps cost?
Clerk :Each Postal letter form is for 5 rupees. post office
So twenty Postal letter forms will be worth rupees hundred. Rs fifty for 10Post stamps.
Vikram :Here are One hundred & fifty rupees . Where do I register professional letters in the post office?

Post Office- Photo Picture

     Postal Offices
Postal Offices

Clerk : Please go to our Post Office  counter for Registered letters
Vikarma:(Going up to the Registered letters Counter) I want to send thispadded envelope as registered letter , please.
Clerk :Have you given the complete postal mail address of the addressee and also the sender’s postal address?
Vikram : Yes, Sir.I have written the postal mail address.
Clerk: Right. Now let me weigh the padded envelope to decide the postal charges. (Put the letter envelope on the postage scale) .Value of stampsrequired will be Rs 10.00 . Please go back to the post stamps counter, buy post stamps worth ten, stick it on this envelope and then come back to me.
Vikram goes to buy postal stamps and comes back to the Registered Letterscounter.
Vikram: Here you are. The postal stamp has been affixed. Is the Post Officeopen tomorrow or it is post office holiday?
Clerk: No, the Postal Offices will close for three Post office Holidays.

postage envelope/Postal Supplies

Postal Supplies

Postal Supplies
Clerk :That’s good. Now I’ll give you a payment receipt and paste post stampson your padded envelope There you are, here is your payment receipt.
Vikram:Thank you. What else can we send from the post office here? What other postal service available here? Also tell me what are the office hour of thePost Office.
Clerk :We also have online postal service here. And the postal clerk at the other end of the room sends off telegrams. You can also buy Indian Stamps andfirst day covers. Any one can send money to anyone . You can send money order to any postal addresses.
Vikram : (walking over to the telegrams counter). How do I send a telegram, Sir?
Clerk : You fill out this form. Fill in the name and address of the person to whom you want to send telegram. Then you write message. Finally you write your own name and address.
Vikram: Do I have to put any post stamps on the telegrams ?
Clerk : No. You pay us for every word used in the telegram. The rates per word for ordinary and urgent message are different..

Telegraph equipment photo picture

Vikram : Thank you.
Vikram: goes back to the stamps sale counter in the post office.
Vikram : Excuse me sir, can I write a letter to my pen friend in England on thisInland Letter form?
Clerk : No. For writing a letter to a person who lives outside India, you have to pay more money. If you write a letter enclosed in an envelope, you have to payPostal Price Rs.6.50 for post stamps. 
Vikram : It seems to be very expensive to write to pen friends.abroad.
Clerk: You could write by sea-mail. That would be cheaper but your letter will take longer to each your friend.
Vikram :I think I’ll write to my friend by sea mail.
Clerk : Certainly. Here you are.
Vikram And I’ll pay you Rs.4.50. What is the postal address of this  post office.

Air mail letter form/Postal Supplies

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

English Conversations / Outdoor Games activities

English Conversations

Outdoor Games activities

Ranjan and Niren are discussing the recent Outdoor Games Activities that they have witnessed.

Niren: What Outdoor Games activities did you enjoy during the weekend?

Outdoor Games Activities

Ranjan: I had a great games day. A friend of mine is in the Army. On Saturday he took me to watch the great outdoor game show. I saw Inter Battalion athletic championships held at the Stadium

Niren: I too saw an athletic championships meet some years ago, when I was in college. What did you see?
Ranjan:This was the last day of competitions which had been going on for a week. There were three team games . At first, there was a thrilling march-past. All the athletes marched past the saluting dais looking proud, smart and well-built. They were so full of enthusiasm that one’s blood coursed wildly.

Niren : How many playground games were held? Usually, on the final games day only the short distance races are run in fun outdoor games.
Ranjan : That is true. The finals for the 100, 200, 400, and 800 meters races were held in fun outdoor games. There were relay races as well as hurdles and steeple-chase. The finalists for the field events, like javelin-throwingdiscus-throwing and shot-put , were also performing for games in the center of the field. Long-jump, pole vault and high jump were judged for games at the far end of the field.
Niren : How did they manage to carry out so many events for games at the same time?
Ranjan : The tracks for the track events like running races and hurdles were marked at the outer edge of the field. A space was left for ball game and discus throw in another section of the sport stadium. Each event had its own officials-the starter, time keeper and a judge. In this way, in a matter of three hours a number of finals of outdoors sports were held.

athletic championships

Niren What about sports like hockey, boxing, basketball and volleyball?
Ranjan These fun outdoor sports are not included in athletics. The long distance races like the marathon race, 1500 meters and 10,000 meters had already been held. Thee active games function ended with the prize distribution. The winning team was really triumphant but there was an exhibition of real sporting spirit. The losers were not despondent or quarrel some or complaining. The winners shook hands with the losers. The losing team sportingly acknowledged the excellence of the winning team. It was a remarkable display of physical games and good sportsmanship

volleyball match

Niren I too went to see a football match. It was a match between two localsporting teams.
Ranjan How did you enjoy the youth games? Was it a tame affair?
Niren Considering that all the players were amateurs and not professionals ,the fun game matches were are of quite a high standard. In fact I feel that a couple of players had great potential

Football Match

Ranjan My favourite game at school was cricket
Niren Do you still play cricket? No but i enjoy watching the Indian Cricket team Playing the International cricket test match.
Ranjan No. It takes up too much time. I had taken economics in college and couldn’t afford to spend so much time practising and playing cricket

cricket test match

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Ranjan That is true. And our national game is hockey at which we excelled till a few years ago.
Niren Yes, but cricket is one of the mostpopular games in India, judging from the interest of people in listening to cricket test match..

Hockey Match